Beyond the Gates of Bizarro Land

If you had any doubt about the good sense of Dozier Internet Law, read this comment.

Here’s the first paragraph:

First, you seem to think that US law will govern this copyright matter. It likely will not.

While I’m glad that “John W. Dozier Jr, Esq.” agrees that it’s unlikely that an American court will give a serious hearing to his claims, John’s threats of extra-legal actions are chilling. Not just in the chilling sense. But in the virus sense.

No one asked that anti-Cuppy’s postings be removed from Blue Mau Mau, said Don Sniegowski, who started the franchise blogsite Blue Mau Mau in Salt Lake City in November, 2005. But at about the same time, “someone inserted a malicious piece of software into our program, which took down our entire Web site for a 12-hour period and kept it going on and off for a few days,” he said. Sniegowski told Franchise Times this summer that he still doesn’t know who planted the software.

The same thread includes a post by Ronald Riley of Inventor Ed. How did Inventor Ed get involved in the subject?

They’ve been SLAPP’d by Dozier, too!

One thought on “Beyond the Gates of Bizarro Land”

  1. On the issue of planting software to crash websites, we have seen this kind of activity from invention promoters in the past. So reasonable people might wonder if birds of a feather flock together.

    This is a SLAPP threat and we have mobilized our organization to slap these dim wads (that's an OPINION) down. In my opinion Dozier Internet Law's actions are severely damaging their client's interests. Just how much damage will become apparent over the next few days.

    I believe that the only reason that Dozier Internet Law's business model of getting what is most likely legitimate criticism of Dozier's clients removed from the web worked is that no one fought back. Well those days are over, because members of the commercially successful inventor community are by nature not prone to take crap from anyone. Dozier made a huge error of judgment and now that the firm has drawn our attention we will be providing a support group for past and future Dozier targets.

    In my OPINION companies who were thinking of hiring Dozier Internet Law should rethink their strategy. There is only one tried and true way for a business to prosper, and that is to treat EVERY customer like they may be your last.

    Trying to gag a customer is going to make them hate you so much that they will be destroying your business by stealth until the day they die.

    I think Dozier's approach is the wrong approach.

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