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2007 Dozier Internet Law Google Rankings – Week 4

This week’s poll is a tale of stability. Of the top 10 entry, only two are not holds. The biggest gainer is Plagiarism Today, which is apparently enjoying the popularity of a mention on Writing Thoughts. “PT” jumps 7 points to #6, while Blog of M’Gath gives way, falling 13 spaces to #18. Ars Technica is the other mover in the Top 12, jumping one position to #5.

Only one entry fell out of the Top 25: Jown W Dozier Jr’s blog. A discussion thread from Something Awful takes old #23 Dozier’s place and then some, standing tall at #12.

Because there are now only 3 Dozier-affiliated sites in the Top 25 (down from 4 in Weeks 3 and 2, and 7 in Week 1), only three pages are included in the “Others receiving votes” category. Of those three, one had dropped from the rankings last week, while the others received votes in the previous round.

Name This Week Last Time Change
Dozier Internet Law, PC 1 1 holds 2 2 holds
tdaxp 3 3 holds 4 4 holds
Ars Techncia 5 6 +1
Plagiarism Today 6 13 +7
FindLaw 7 7 holds
CLP 8 8 holds
New York Personal Injury Lawyer 9 9 holds
Gamespot 10 10 holds
Accidental Blogger 11 12 +1
Something Awful 12 ( – ) new
Tailrank 13 11 -2
Dozier Internet Law Sucks 14 14 holds
Dreaming 5GW 15 18 +3 16 19 +3
South Dakota Politics 17 17 holds
Blog of M’Gath 5 18 -13
Yahoo! Delicious 19 15 -4
Phatic Communion 20 20 holds 21 16 -5
Jim River Report 22 21 -1 23 22 -1
I Hate Linux 24 24 holds 25 25 holds

Others Receiving Votes: Topix (dropped from rankings), Public Citizen Litigation Group (received votes), Code Prairie (received votes)

Dropped From Rankings: John W Dozier Jr