Survey closed (Now for some words on Creativity and the OODA loop)

Thanks to all who participated in the recent study on creativity and blogging.

The pseudo-experiment was part of my larger study of the OODA loop applied to education, in this case to creativity.

I have only started to analyze the data. Before I launched this survey, I assumed that affective “gut” attitudes would be a better predictor than cognitive “thoughtful” attitudes, with respect to blogging. I also assumed that behaviors that signify purposeful practice on blogging would be directly related to recognition as a blogger, as measured through Technorati rank. Both these findings appear to be supported by the data.

As part of my dissertation proposal, I will suggest a second, larger test (using a different sample pool), to provide further support.

Over the next few days and weeks, I will post more description and analysis of the data. Eventually what I write here will find its way into my dissertation proposal (hopefully!). But for now,

Thank you.

You made this possible.

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