Hit and Run

Got another “hit and run” attack the other day. I won’t link to it, because I see no need to improve the notoriety or the pagerank of the hack who penned it, but you can find it on technorati if you’re interested.

A “hit and run” attack is where a blogger pens an opinion about you or your writing, you comment and…. then nothing. These posts are a waste of time and energy, and because they masquerade as legitimate opinion, they worsen the signal-to-noise ratio of the blogosphere.

I’m excited when I see an opinion or comment about something I’ve written, because it gives me the opportunity to improve what I believe. That’s why I started this blog.

Coming across these energy-vampires is taxing. (Actually, bandwidth-vampire too, as the supposed “vice president in the software energy” direct-linked to an image.)

Still, these second-rate academics (supposedly he’s a PhD, as well) are good for putting things in perspective. Aside from the thread where I made the mistake of posting two comments, nothing he’s written this year has generated a comment.

Meanwhile, just looking on this blog’s right side, I get great commentators like Michael, Jayson, Steve French, Stephen Pampinella, Adam, biz, nykrindc, Dan McIntosh, and more.

The greatest fortune you can have in life (besides a good family) is having friends smarter than yourself. I like to think that my habit of responding to what people say has helped me achieve that.