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  1. Hello, my Yankee friends!

    Just wanna make a couple of points FYI, ‘k…

    These so-called “human rights” commissions aren’t part of the Canadian justice system at all. They’re rogue moonbat extremist activist bodies which have morphed via leftist interference into the fascist, politically correct kangaroo “courts” they are today. Originally they were mandated to merely act as sort of an arbitrator/mediator for folks who thought they’d been wronged in stuff like housing and employment, etc. Today they’re acting like the kids in “Lord of the Flies”, as y’all can see very well. It’s like the Ninth Circuit Court, but without any legitimacy whatsoever under the law and the constitution. It’s run by mostly brain-dead moonbat activists like the dummy woman in the video.

    There’s also no provision in the Canadian Constitution Act, Bill of Rights, nor Charter of Rights and Freedoms for such a commission as we see them acting today.

    These commissions have operated for too long under the radar (and still are) of the MSM and the Canadian People. But this is going to change, and start changing… a couple of days ago. The MSM is mostly silent, but I doubt they can ignore this for too long.

    Just like the ACLU and the Ninth Circuit Court and other leftist bodies and “judges” and so on in America, these commissions actually violate Canadians’ rights at the pathetic, petulant behest of extremists representing, mostly, GLBTs and Islamoimperialists. There’s no trial. Evidence is irrelevant. Facts are irrelevant. Constitutional rights are irrelevant. All that matters to these left-wing fascists of the commissions is that a special, favored-by-the-Far-Left group member has claimed that someone “hurt his feelings” or something… and then the accused is summarily found guilty and ordered to pay thousands of dollars to the complainant. Holy shee-it, that sounds like a bloody jizya (the tax Muslims make dhimmis pay)!!!!

    I can assure you, as a member of the party that governs my country today, we Conservatives don’t want these commissions taking away our right to freedom of expression and other rights. We want them abolished. We have made it clear to the Prime Minister and our MPs. Many, many, many people, including Americans, are donating money to Ezra’s legal fund.

    This is a critical crossroads in Canadian and human liberty history.

    And, don’t forget, the same liberal fascist forces that affect Canada affect America as well. And the entire Free World.

    Therefore Ezra Levant is essentially making the first stand, taking a leadership role…

    We must follow Ezra. We must also fight tyranny and evil as he is.

    Sic semper tyrannis!

    Let’s roll!

  2. Dave,

    I agree this is a critical crossroads.

    One of the worst effect is the same these commissions socialize Muslim immigrants into what appropriate ways of responding to disliked political speech.

    The leftward tilt of Canada is now several generations old, at least, and it is hard to see how it will be reversed.

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