Hire Shlok

Shlok Vaidya is looking for work.

I am finishing up the degree in International Relations that underpinned my research on terrorism and infrastructure in India, well-received big thinking on private military contractors, and an article in the international press. Have a deep understanding of the dynamics of future warfare that is applied on a daily basis to author the only open-source analysis available on India’s most pressing security challenge.

Also finishing up my tenure as V.P. of the student association where I managed $300,000 to build, revamp, and otherwise improve businesses and nonprofit organizations. I used my extensive web technology experience (honed while working with local, regional, and state governments) to accomplish these strategic goal. Was able to rethink the college newspaper to up readership by 20%. It is now, thanks to increased advertising revenue, totally self-sustaining. My work resulted in a government that was easier to use, leaner, and more responsive to constituents. Had a great time working with a large and very smart team to get it all done.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Vaidya at a conference in Quantico, and was very impressed. Whoever picks him up will be making a very wise decision.