No Girls Allowed

I’m currently blogging from a very comfortable men’s only section of the City Union, here at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

It is very comfortable because of the fireplace, which is the focus of the room. A merry wreath sits above it in the middle of a grad facade. A chanedlier and lifty lamps complete the exterior, with a pendulum clock and wifi completing the feeling.

It’s men only, out of safety if not dictate, because of UNL’s policy of welcoming the homeless (thus, often, the deranged) on campus. The one-sided conversation between one of the gents and his imaginary partner would be interesting if it was audible or coherent. His very real companions do not seem to mind.

After all, it’s a very comfortable (if exclusively male) section of the City Union, here at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Blogspirit is laughably incompetent

Not only does blogspirit eat comments, the laughably terrible blog service provider now won’t even let me access my own blog! I can log in, receive email, edit the administration panel, etc, but going to or must times out.

This is from my home. I can access it from my office just fine.

Whenever blogspirit acts up in this sort of way, I think how many other people it’s also effecting. It must be quite a number.

Blogspirit’s service is slow and often hostile. Their “premium” support is a joke: you find yourself running in circles again and again. With the eaten comments, for instance, blogspirit first claimed that it didn’t happen, then acknowledges that it happens, then asks for evidence that it happens: and then repeats. This has been going on for more than a year.

I started this site on blogspirit because at the time blogspirit had the easier administration I can’t imagine that this is the case anymore. Simple things require complicated hand-coding of HTML plus blogspirit’s unique “smarty” template technology. Other things are just impossible.

And then there’s all the things that don’t work.

Stay away from blogspirit!