Laptop shopping time!

Specifically, Mother of tdaxp’s laptop started putting out a chemical-burn smell, and no longer boots up. Fortunately, everything was backed up. So now the question: which laptop to buy next?

One that runs XP, Vista, or OS X?

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  1. Second Younghusband's advice. I've had a MacBook for 2 months now and I doubt I would ever buy something else. Plus the best customer service in the world with the Apple Care program.

  2. IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad R series is solid. I used an R40 for years w/ no problems. My R52 came with a cracked motherboard, but after that was replaced under warranty, no problems going on almost 2 years now.

    You can get these solid machines refurbished in the ballpark of USD600-700 (though that's base memory; add another USD100-200 if you need/want to jack up memory).

    How much does a base MacBook cost? I haven't ever looked into them.

  3. Go with the Macbook (or Pro if she wants a bigger screen and a light-up-in-the-dark keyboard). Occasionally Apple offers free printers after rebate to go with them.

  4. Never thought I'd say it, but based on my own short experience macbook is hard to beat. Has worked like a charm from first power-up and once you get used to the window controls being on the wrong corner and the lack of backspace key – as they say – everything just works.

    If it has to be straight Windows, I beat the daylights out of a Lenovo/IBM T42 for two years and it is still kicking. The Dell D620 that replaced it for the past year has been flawless.

    Either way, hit the Dell or Apple clearance sites to shave a few bucks off.

  5. Everyone,

    Thanks so much!

    The tdaxp clan has two high-use printers that need to be supported by any computer purchased. I was excited by the possibility of a MacBook, but lack of support for the printers really kills the idea.

    We ended up getting a $449 Compaq from BestBuy, which is less than half the price of a MacBook. There was less junkware than on a Dell, and the price was right.

    Thanks for the suggestions! (My mom liked the comments, too!)

  6. I don't know what your mom wants, but next time I get a laptop I will have mobility and battery life in mind. If only I had a laptop battery with 5 hours of battery life at least I would be a happy man.

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