Dozier Spam Bot Attacks tdaxp?

Two strange messages (I’ve left them in tact, except for the hyperlink) have appeared in the comments for my posts, Dozier Internet Law harms client’s reputation and Did Dozier Internet Law Misrepresent a Federal Judge?.”

The first comment reads:

Here is the Dozier Internet Law Blog:

[url redacted by tdaxp]

Frankly, it seems pretty insightful.

and the second is:

I don’t know who is right. It looks like it might be Dozier:

[url redacted by tdaxp]

At first blanch, these are merely spam messages. The IPs of the two comments (left with the same nick and email account) are quite different… the 128.241.*.* range resolves to NTT America (a “global IP solutions company”), while the range of to .255.255 resoles to Global Tac, LLC. Global Tac has been implemented in spam messages before. It appears that Global Tac hides behind150 different IP messages to conduct its spam campaigns, so the discrepancy between the IP addresses is smaller than it appears.

Dozier Internet Law is no stranger to spam as a means of advertising – they’ve long generated spam websites with nonsensical information. Still, escalating this to include spam comments on private blogs comes dangerously close to trespass and hacking.

3 thoughts on “Dozier Spam Bot Attacks tdaxp?”

  1. If the execution was a bit more subtle (it sounds as if you caught them out pretty easily), through a less easily traced proxy, and the links actually directed the reader to a clever bit of propaganda, disinformation, or other meme that could be then virally spread to the benefit of Dozier or some other organization, this would actually be a really interesting bit of proto-5GW (tactical?) manipulation.

  2. Congrats!

    Given Dozier's inability to achieve and/or point to a single, indisputable recent victory (ie “We find for the plaintiff Dozier Internet Law”)… they are truly getting desperate… and this after their spamming of the Google index ceased to be effective last week.

  3. I've thought about what's going on. My guess is that

    Dozier hired a Search Enginer Optimizer (SEO)
    The SEO engages in spam, but not directly
    The SEO licenses proxies/gateways from Internet Protocol (IP) address services companies (NTT — I'm not sure if Global Tac is the SEO or an IP provider)
    The SEO then uses the IP gateways to send spam comments wherever they can, primarily to help google's pagerank and also do some astroturfing (fake grassroots), if possible

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