Race Wars

Robert Paterson reports on the horror-show violence in Kenya. Among other problems, Kenya is undergoing a ethnic/race-war between the Kikuyu, the Luo, and their affiliates.

The Master Race?

Racial violence is relatively rare in the Core, but occurs in microgaps, such as parts of Los Angeles and federal prisons.

Racial/ethnic violence is a form of insurgency, attempting to replace the State with “primary loyalties.” Race warriors should therefore be classified as insurgents, and (except for those who wear racial/gang insignia) unlawful combatants, as well.

Hate crime laws are probably a good idea, but msinamed, as they fight not crime, but war.

Animal Rights

AFP: Uganda chimps at forefront of pharmaceutical research

Ugandan and French scientists have for months been observing the behaviour of a group of chimpanzees whose uncanny aptitude for self-medication could help their human cousins discover new drugs.

E-Wire: Congress guarantees sanctury for retired medical research chimps

The Jane Goodall Institute hailed Wednesday’s signing into law of the Chimp Haven is Home Act, a bill that will ensure chimpanzees living in sanctuary after years of medical research in government-funded facilities will not be returned to the labs. The bill was passed in the final days of the session before Congress adjourned for the holiday recess.

Reuters: Chimps calculate as well as some uni students

Both chimps and humans typically answered within one second and with a similar level of accuracy.

The research follows the finding by Japanese researchers earlier this month that young chimpanzees performed better than human adults at a memory game.

Would it be fair to saw that chimps are not so much beasts as really, really stupid and really, really immature (and perhaps soulless)?

A Happy New Years

Watched the New Years celebration from Shenzhen on pptv yesterday morning.

Then, enjoyed a number of episodes of Amazing Race Asia, plus a Snow Patrol concert (courtesy Time Warner On Demand), plus Radiohead’s hour-long performance of In Rainbows (courtesy Current — Al Gore’s TV station).

Had a runza for the first time last night, and then this morning saw a bald eagle (second one I’ve seen in the wild in my life).

Then, finished up World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, and also enjoyed the radiocast of Big 12 North Missouri’s trouncing of the SEC Arkansas Razorbacks, 10 billion to nothing (with apologies to Adam Roberts).

(Also got featured on the second post of Stephen’s new blog! Sweet!)