Occam’s Razor

I don’t think it’s crazy to say that a more parsimonious explanation for Iran nearly dropping off the face of the internet

Router Location Current Index Response Time (ms) Packet Loss (%)
misschaos.chaos-studio.com China (Shanghai) 81 181 0
gsrmum.vsnl.net.in India (Mumbai) 72 270 0
core-mgl.cbn.net.id Indonesia (Mangole) 79 205 0
router1.iust.ac.ir Iran (Tehran) 0 0 100
cs1mr1.comsourceone.com Japan (Tokyo) 85 146 0
gateway.ix.singtel.com Singapore 68 217 12
tpnoc1-osr-transit.ix.giga.net.tw Taiwan 74 149 12

is that we’re installing the hardware and software to allow us to read every packet going in and out of south-west Asia, and we don’t want them to know it.

(Chart from Internettrafficreport.com, story courtesy of Slashdot)

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