Leaving Blogspirit

It has now been about 48 hours since blogspirit stopped along comments that require user authentication through, and about six days since I last heard from customer support on any of my six outstanding tickets.

This is unacceptable.

I am currently in the process of migrating off of blogspirit. Blogspirit makes this as difficult as possible, but I believe I have managed to back up the current site, and I am currently writing the scripts that will be necessary to import all the posts, comments, and everything else from this site to a new home for tdaxp.com.

I ask for your patience in this transition.

7 thoughts on “Leaving Blogspirit”

  1. So, how did you get your blogspirit posts/comments/etc moved over to wordpress? I have a blogspirit blog and have reached my free account’s limit. (Curses to blogspirit!!) I would appreciate any advice you could share!

  2. “Love is All you Knit” — I love it!

    Moving off of blogspirit is far too hard. I think I ended up writing a small program which copied over the comments for the individual posts.

    I think wordpress has a mechanism for importing posts through an RSS feed. Have you tried that?

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