10 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen, a new tdaxp”

  1. Thank you all.

    So far this odysee has reminded me of what I like and don’t like about programming.

    I love the “flow” that is possible when you have a standard, and you code to it. Surprisingly enjoyable to take the material out of blogspirit’s pages and turn them into a valid input file.

    I can’t stand when a vendor’s implementation contradicts its own documentation. So far I’ve run into one WordPress problem that requires hard-coding on my part, and I assume there are more, as well.

    Ah well…

  2. Dan,
    Glad you moved. I tried for some time to post a reply on your old blog and finally gave up. I even had trouble logging on from time to time. Better luck here. Don’t think it could be any worse.

    Rex A

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