Getting there…

With the Case of the Disappearing Comments shunted off until the weekend, I’m now focusing on other incompatibilities with wordpress. These fall into two broad categories:

1. While WordPress recognizes both categories and tags, the default wordpress plugins view these terms as synonymous, so that it will apply either the tag or the category based permalink system to both, leading to about 50% dead links.

2. I’d like a way to make work, so that people who set up their blog reader on the blogspirit site won’t have to adjust anything to get new posts.

Any thoughts?

9 thoughts on “Getting there…”

  1. Glad to see you’re back up. I like the visuals better on this blog. BTW, I bought that “Guitar Hero III” game the other day and have been enjoying it. Its very challenging. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Seerov,

    Thanks for the kind words!

    I hope you enjoy Guitar Hero… I loved playing “One” by Metallica on easy, but once I got to the second level it was all I could do to not get booed off stage!

  3. Lady of tdaxp and I watched Lost in Translation yesterday, and were amused that rhythm games (of which a very Guitar Heroish game was one) were one of the disorientingly weird things about Japan, circa five years ago.

  4. Dan tdaxp,

    After playing GH3 for a while on easy, I switched it to the most difficult level to see what its like. Its very, very difficult.

    As a person studying the human mind, do you believe there’s any positive mental benefits from playing this game and improving to the point of mastering the highest level?

    In order to do so, one needs quick thinking and good hand-eye coordination. Can these skills transfer over to other activities, such as Close Quarters Battle (CQB) or even something like debating?

    In other words, will the process of going from where I am today (easy) to mastering the highest level change my brain in anyway?

  5. Dan,

    Congrats on the new site — though I think you’re being far too kind to Blogspit by trying to make atom.xml work (tell ’em to use GoogleReader, where your transition was completely transparent other than a spike in “unread” post #).

    As for GH: I too have a hard time getting through the Lou’s Inferno playlist without getting boo’ed off — got 98% through ONE before losing it. But on easy I nailed 100% of “Cliffs of Dover” (my personal fave’).

    To mess with your sis: Go to “Options”, select “Cheats”, enter the following notes:

    Red & Yellow, Red & Blue, Red & Orange, Red & Blue, Red & Yellow, Green & Blue, Red & Yellow, Red & Blue

    Then set “Performance Mode” to “ON” before she plays. It’s darn near impossible, even on EASY…. 😉

  6. Seerov,

    How long till you get this far? [1] 🙂

    Transfer’s typically pretty narrow, so you’ll get hand-eye coordination, perhaps tonal, and of course finger dexterity benefits out of guitar hero.

    But most importantly for Guiter Hero: it’s fun.


    Thanks for the kind words!

    Presuming that Google reader started working today… that was only after bobbyzero tipped me off to use Redirection [2] to silently redirect feeds/atom to atom.xml 😉

    I’ll be sure to use that trick on her — as long as she doesn’t use it on me, first!


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