Try Hugo Chavez in the ICC

Colombia: Latin America tries to defuse escalating crisis |

Colombian President Álvaro Uribe said Tuesday that his government would ask the International Criminal Court to try Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez for financing and supporting Colombia’s main rebel group.

While the International Criminal Court is neither free nor independent from the United Nations , it and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights both provide forums where the President of Venezuela can be tried, and spend the rest of his life languishing in prison.

Now, to actually get Mr. Chavez in custody…

7 thoughts on “Try Hugo Chavez in the ICC”

  1. If the evidence is for real, he should definitely be in the dock. We don’t need another criminal enterprise in power in the world, ala Charles Taylor.

  2. I find the accusations directed at Chavez and Correa regarding FARC ties to be interesting, as well as disturbing – particularly their proliferation in the general media. After all, just a couple months ago, Chavez was instrumental in negotiating the release of hostages, at Uribe’s initial request… even after Uribe then turned his back on the eventually successful negotiations. It seems odd to advocate trying a man (admittedly egotistical) when he was recently so helpful…

    Check out the top post at my blog ( for a full response.

  3. Once the Bolivairian Boob is behind bars, perhaps we can sling the “War on Drugs” in an ajoining cell on similar charges?
    New platform looks good, Dan

  4. Dan,

    What about Abdullah al-Saud, Hu Jintao, Pervez Musharraf, and Hosni Mubarak. However, they are strategically critical to the U.S., so I guess they can have a free pass.

  5. Sean,

    “Chavez was instrumental in negotiating the release of hostages, at Uribe’s initial request… even after Uribe then turned his back on the eventually successful negotiations.”

    Reference to your version of events?


    Agreed. Ending the war on drugs would be a good thing.

    Welfare programs (which is what the War on Drugs is — certain segments need to be protected from spending their money on stupid forms of entertainment) should not be handled through the courts.


    Hu Jintao is currently the head of state for one of the greatest anti-poverty engines in the history of man, so not sure why he’s on the list.

    Saud and Musharraf are hardly wonderful people, and I would not cry if they were to go, but not sure what a pro-growth alternative would look like in either of those countries.

  6. Sean,
    Uribe hardly turned his back on Chavez and Chavez was hardly being helpful. Chavez was meeting with members of FARC and the military without permission. He was meddling in Colombian state affairs beyond the hostage negotiations that he offered to help with. What country’s leader wouldn’t kick out someone who meddled as much, particularly when that person has vilified the elected leader as Chavez has. Now, with the recent facts that have come to light, it does not even appear that Chavez was negotiating in good faith. His goals certainly weren’t to free the hostages, it was to embarrass Uribe, and now it seems that he may have been offering safe haven to FARC.

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