Run of the Campus

In spite off battling a cold that burns my threat, a really good day. Woke up early this morning to run this spring’s experiment in cooperationg with Military Sciences. Participants were exposed to high levels of cognitive and affective load while performing tests of problem solving and reasoning, from an intelligence test to moral and ethical dilemmas. (A control group did not experience the heightened load.)

Then later in the day, I had the pleasure of listening to my cousin, a professor of law at an R-1 research university, lecture on the interaction of water law and climate change. The presentation — given without powerpoint or notes — combined cap-and-trade systems, the role of the WTO, the Ogallala Aquifer, desalinization, and a potential Copenhagen Protocol. Q&A and small-group discussion then evolved into the Medellin decision, the comparative power of the Security Council and the World Trade Organization, and technology transfer. Few people can tie such disparate information together to pack such a punch — and I’m related to one of ’em!

So a good day — the tdaxp clan had the run of the campus.

Now to get feeling better!

2 thoughts on “Run of the Campus”

  1. Dan,

    Is military science a program offered at Lincoln, or a department? Here in Albany we have ROTC and a couple Public Admin courses on the military but that’s it.

    Interesting experiment also. Was it a simulation of a combat experience in which ethical and moral dilemmas have to be confronted? Sounds like the problems soldiers might encounter in fighting a low intensity conflict with combatants and civilians.

  2. Stephen,

    I believe Military Science is the term used to refer to the academic side of Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine ROTC on campus.

    We used both combat and non-combat dilemmas, everything from flying a UAV to issues that a finance-guy in the server might face.

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