Religious Intolerance

Congratulations to Adam for putting into words something I have been thinking (but unable to say well) for a bit now. The Texan Raid against the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is an example of religious persecution. Combining the unsubstantiated allegations of the Crystal Gale Magnum hoax with mass persecution of a religious minority, the attack on the FLDS Church will probably be seen as the disaster it is for decades to come.

The Metropolis Times: El Dorado Raid
At the end of last march, someone claiming to be a 16-year old girl named “Sarah” called a local crisis center, claiming she had been sexually and physically abused by her husband named “Dale” at the YFZ Ranch, a religious center for members of the FLDS Church. County officials concluded that because FLDS members have been associated with child abuse in the past, any allegations must be true, and that if some FLDS leaders have been marrying minors, then every follower of the religion must be involved in it.

So, instead of finding out where the girl lived and investigating in her home, they took the children away from everyone in the entire town. This is religious bigotry. Whether you think polygamy is sanctioned Biblically or not, it is not equatable with child abuse.

Of course, now we learn that her supposed husband hasn’t been in Texas for three decades according to his probation officer and that the call doesn’t seem genuine:

“There is no verbage or terminology used that leads me to believe the statements were made by someone inside,” said Ezra Draper of Hildale, Utah, who left the FLDS sect six years ago. “I think it’s bunk.”
“The term FLDS use to describe other people is “gentiles,” not outsiders, and they don’t observe such holidays as Easter Sunday, when the alleged victim claimed she was last beaten.”

To me, the questions are

a) When does the government’s case collapse?
b) When are people fired over this?
c) Which government employee is the first to serve jail time?