Science + Karaoke

I missed the blog post for yesterday (or earlier today, depending on how you view the preceding day’s activity a little after 12 AM Sunday morning / Saturday night) because of a packed schedule: most of the day was spent on a distant part of campus, helping introduce in-service teachers to a form of constructivism that pays attention to the limits of working memory. Then, after walking home (the day’s just beautiful) and falling asleep (wonderful breeze + long walk + lengthy if fun day at work), off to a friends birthday / graduation / going-away party, featuring Karaoke, pick-up ping-pong, Monopoly, barbecue, and general fun.

What a day!

Update: Just realized that because I never set my timezone on this blog to what it is in my slice of the real world, from an archive standpoint my at-least-one-post-per-day pattern goes on. Woohoo!