Obama and Clinton good, McCain Unclear, on Medical Marijuana

Props to the major Democratic candidates for being clear on their position in favor of medical marijuana.

Presidential Candidates on Marijuana – TierneyLab – Science – New York Times Blog
Bruce Mirken, who has been tracking the issue for the Marijuana Policy Project, says John McCain has been dismissive of marijuana’s medical potential and has been unclear on whether he’d continue federal raids against clinics in states that have legalized medical marijuana. Of the two leading Democratic candidates, Mr. Mirken says, Barack Obama has been clearer in his support for medical marijuana

Neither seems to support legalization or decriminalization, but atleast (unlike John McCain) thay are clear that it should be a medical option.

The Thomas Crown Affair, a 5GW Primer

My friends at Dreaming 5GW should definitely check out The Thomas Crown Affair, staring Pierce Brosnan. Not only a description of 5GW (Observation Warfare) on many layers, also props potential 5GW v. 3GW (Manuever Warfare) and 5GW v. 1GW (Massed Formation) styles.

Really clever all around. Much cleverer than any of the awful James Bond movies that Brosnan starred in.

I won’t say that The Thomas Crown Affair is to 5GW what Lawrence of Arabia is to 3GW… but it’s close.