Warrior Housing is Part of the SysAdmin-Industrial-Complex

During the Cold War, we built the “Military-Industrial Complex” to see us through to victory. The Military-Industrial Complex provided the network of civilian workers, Congressional politicians, and bureaucrats who worked together to give the Cold War political support, even when the complicated and divisive consequences of a global war against communism proved too difficult to express publicly.

The “Military-Industrial Complex” did its job. The only real purpose of the Complex know is to make sure our Air Force and Navy are strong enough to remove hick leaders (Milosevic of Serbia, Saddam of Iraq) when needed, and detour China from attacking Taiwan. The first is an important job. The second can be done much more quickly by providing Taiwan with nuclear weapons.

Now it’s time to build up a “SysAdmin-Industrial-Complex” to see us through to victory in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the other wars in the third-world Gap. While the Military-Industrial-Complex required us to buy high-tech fighters, high-tech air craft carriers, and other high-tech weapons, the SysAdmin-Industrial-Complex requires us to support and sustain a fighting force that are “never coming home,” that will have such things as housing, health care, and other human services as major expenses, and will require long stays in the military to build up the proper experience.

Support the military. Support the SysAdmin Industrial Complex.

Fix the Army Barracks conditions in 82nd Fort Bragg.

4 thoughts on “Warrior Housing is Part of the SysAdmin-Industrial-Complex”

  1. Our military-industrial complex already outsizes and overpowers that of every nation in the world combined. How much bigger should it get?

    Personally, I don’t think any amount of military might can produce true and lasting security.

  2. A solution perhaps to problems like this is open-source reporting from blogs and message boards that can inform base commanders of the public knowledge of conditions and offer them a grace period to make things better before evidence of such conditions gets spread through YouTube and widespreading blogging.

    They have staff members set up for things like this but they end up getting overloaded with other responsibilities. This is similar to what happened at CFAY Yokosuka until 2005… it took a murder and a variety of accidents for a flag officer to get involved and devote time to fixing the issue.

  3. I lived in barracks that looked almost exactly the same and with the same problems. This film could have been shot in my old barracks. When we got back from Iraq, some of us got rooms in the new barracks. These barracks were so nice that it didn’t feel like I was even in the Army anymore.

    While this is disturbing, it has been mentioned that new barracks are being built. Problems with paint peeling, and ceiling tiles falling down, and broken toilets should have all be taken care of by the people who didn’t deploy. So it is these people who failed.

    With that being said, it should be obvious that US military personal should be taken better care of. The military needs to attract high quality people and this doesn’t help.

    I’m especially worried about the Army. I’ve been reading reports and talking to my connections about the quality of recruits. My contacts on Sand Hill (Infantry basic training) have told me stories about gang members and all around punks. This is a dangerous situation in today’s media world where one mistake can be an international incident.

    The Army needs to figure out how to attract high quality people. I think that better pay and more benefits is the way to go however, some have pointed out that people are more willing to volunteer when they feel a sense of duty. And if this is so, then the Army will need to think of ways to get America’s young people to feel a sense of duty. How this is possible with today’s education system and popular media is difficult to say?

    Soldiers need to be more like rock stars. They need to be “hip” and serving the country needs to be looked at the altimate in being “cool”. This is tough to achieve without the proper socialization, as it may be difficult to make soldiering “hip” with just a PR campaign?

  4. Pistol Pete,

    I think you misread my article. I advocate shrinking the Military-Industrial-Complex (that fights blitzkrieg-style waars) and building up a Sysadmin-Industrial-Complex (which will help build functioning governments in the third-world gap).


    Agitation-propaganda like the youtube video is definitely helpful, but it’s a short-term solution until the complex can get up and running. We want job security to be on the side of the good guys.


    Excellent comment.

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