The Weekly Standard: Obama as Bush III

I’ve been writing on how Barack Obama is running for George Bush’s third term for a while now. The Weekly Standard has a slightly different take, but reaches the same conclusion: both Obama and Bush demonstrate a lack of imagination when it comes to Iraq.

The Weekly Standard
Yes, I mean it: McCain should outright accuse Obama of being more like Bush on the war. They may have diametrically opposed positions, but their outlooks are identical in how single minded, inflexible, and (dare I say) dialectical they are. In the midst of a catastrophe back in 2005, Bush went on prime time to say, “My fellow citizens: Not only can we win the war in Iraq — we are winning the war in Iraq.” No matter how violent Iraq got, Bush would not face the facts on the ground. It took him until December 2006 to acknowledge for the first time that we weren’t winning and to adapt.

Bush believed victory was our certain destiny; Obama believed it was defeat. He opposed the surge, saying it could not and would not work–that there was simply no way to curb the violence we had unleashed in going to war. Even after it did work, Obama denied that Iraq was any safer until it was undeniable. Bush and Obama have tunnel vision–only McCain has demonstrated an ability to adapt, to win a war we were losing.

While there is a lot to look forward to in a Third Bush Term, I’d rather have John McCain.

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