Barack Obama Wrong on the Gas Tax… but in what way?

I’ve already criticized John McCain’s gas tax proposal. But I no longer understand why Barack Obama disagress with McCain.

I overheard Obama on the radio yesterday saying that the increase in fuel prices came “too fast,” and caused a lot of pain. This is a sensible position. I support gas at $5 per gallon — and I hope Barack Obama does too — though the pain of a sudden increase in cost without good warning puts a lot of people in a bad position.

But then why doesn’t Barack Obama support a gas tax holiday, to ease America into higher gas prices? Team Obama seems to be putting out the meme that 100% of the gas tax is absorbed by the gas companies. But if this is true, many (including Barack Obama supporters and myself) were wrong to criticize McCain’s gas tax holiday as sending the wrong signals, because gas taxes don’t raise the the cost of gas! Alternatively, perhaps Team Obama is wrong and some fraction of the gas tax is passed onto consumers, which case (accordingg to Obama’s logic) there should still be a gas tax holiday, but some other tax the gas companies pay should be raised to make sure the benefits go to consumers.

  • Is Barack Obama wrong that the rise in prices came to fast?
  • Or, is Barack Obama wrong to oppose a gas tax holiday?
  • Or, are Barack Obama’s supporters wrong to criticize McCain’s gas tax holiday as sending the wrong message to consumers?

Which is it? In which way is Team Obama wrong on the gas tax?

Obama Plays the Race Card Again

This is one way that Obama isn’t the third coming of Bush: Bush didn’t complain about the race card being used on him (or the legacy card, or…).

But Obama isn’t above that sort of thing. The Race-Based campaign Rolls On.

Obama had been quiet about it recently, since his awful speech on race so backfired so bad that he had to denounce his minister and leave his church.

If there is hope here, it’s that Obama seems slow to learn lessons from his mistake.

And that is a trait Bush IIII does share with Bush II.