Toward a Post-Oil Future

Shlok’s seem to have taken down his inexplicable attack on the Pickens Plan (a rather sensible plan use more natural gas and windmills, proposed by a man who almost certainly would love to sell us natural gas and windmills), but other sites are also chattering about a Post-Oil Future, where oil is no longer a hegemonic energy source. Slashdot reports that Mercedes wants to be off gas by 2015. At the same time, Scientific Blogging looks at protecting cropland in a world where corn stems are harvested to make ethanol.

Thus functions supply-and-demand, without the false hysteria of peak oil. Now that the tdaxp Plan is being implemented, things are adjusting as they should have years ago.

Russia is an Oriental Potentate

Russia threatens military response to US missile defence deal – Times Online
Russia threatened to retaliate by military means after a deal with the Czech Republic brought the US missile defence system in Europe a step closer.

The threat followed quickly on from the announcement that Condoleezza Rice signed a formal agreement with the Czech Republic to host the radar for the controversial project.

The Russian Federation is a Central Asian state, part of the Eastern Seam / New Core expanse that begins where the Near East becomes the Middle East, and extends to the China Seas. It’s somewhat unfortunate for everyone that Russia borders Europe — imagine how much more complicated the world would be if China shared a border with the European Union!

Still, the best approach is to ignore Russia when she starts making demands of Europeans, and get her to orient herself to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, an organization of energy-exporting dictatorships (and the authoritarian-capitalist state they supply) that fits Russia’s political temperament well.

So is Obama a rock-star or not? And will it help the tdaxp plan?

Weekly Standard can’t seem to decide:

Dean Barnett says “yes,” so Obama (Bush III) will crash like Bush I and Bush II.

Gary Andreas says “no,” so Obama’s likely to loose.

Regardless, at a time that the price of gas is the voters’ top concern, Obama seems to have adopted the tdaxp plan. Supporting high gas prices while providing energy rebate checks is pretty close to what I advocated. I hope America goes for it.

Pelosi tries to censor… Congress on the ‘Net!

An important post from my friend Mark Safanski: » Blog Archive » Nancy Pelosi vs. Social Media, Free Speech and Democracy
Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who would like very much to reimpose the old, so-called, “Fairness Doctrine” that once censored conservative opinion on television and radio broadcasting, is scheming to impose rules barring any member of Congress from posting opinions on any internet site without first obtaining prior approval from the Democratic leadership of Congress. No blogs, twitter, online forums – nothing.

This was first reported to me by Congressman John Culberson (R-Tx) and I asked for approval to cite him and for any media links to this story. He provided the following link of regulations proposed by the Chair of the Congressional Commission on Mailing Standards (PDF) Congressman Michael Capuno (D-Mass) that was sent to Rep. Robert Brady, Chairman of the House Committee for Administration. The net effect of the regs would be to make it practically impossible for members of Congress to use social media tools to discuss official business or share video of the same with the public while creating a partisan disparity in what little approved messages might be permitted. It would be a very considerable error to assume that the House leadership intends to let dissenting Democratic members post any more freely than Republicans.

Mark is out front on this one. I don’t see anything from other blogs, but Safranski’s serious and knowledgeable, so this is for real.

Stop Pelosi! Free the Congress!

Decapitating the Black Community as a Political Bloc

Eddie of Hidden Unities emailed me the following story. My response follows the excerpt below:

Save D.C.’s Vouchers
Better schools. Higher scores. And satisfied parents. That’s the record of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program. It is helping us keep our promise to leave no child behind in America. If Congress is thinking of breaking this promise, the nation deserves to know the story.

Signed into law by President Bush four years ago, the program is the first to provide federally funded education vouchers to students. It awards up to $7,500 per child for tuition, transportation and fees; in 2007-08 it enabled 1,900 students from the underperforming Washington public school system — the highest total yet — to attend the private or religious schools of their choice.

For many, this was their first opportunity to receive a high-quality education. “They not only educate them, but they are teaching them to be young men and young women as well,” Sheila Jackson, the mother of a 12-year-old scholarship recipient, told a reporter.

I responded:

Opposition from black political leaders would seem to come from some form of recognition that blacks are at a disadvante compared to other whites in market competition in most areas. (Wheter you say this is from g, or structural racism, or western-values, or whatever, the effect is the same.) So allowing blacks to rise according to individual effort and ability has the effect of “decapitating” the “black community,” giving those in the top 30% the opportunity to internalize “middle classness” (the bete noir of Obama’s old church), while the larger mass is stuck in “trainable” trades.

Thus, keeping the best blacks down is critical if blacks are going to remain a united political block.

I think this is accurate. The war that the black leadership has waged on blacks who want to rise up has been notable since W.E.B. DuBois overtook Booker T. Washington as a leading intellectual. I think men like Jessee Jackson, Al Shaprton, and Jeremiah Wright are dangerous, unamerican, and racialist, but I don’t think they are stupid.

They have a reason for opposing the integration of professional blacks into the middle class. To avoid decapitation.