Now that’s a compliment!

Consisting with the no-trolling policy I wasn’t going to allow this comment through… but I did like it, so I’ll feature it in the post. The commentator’s handle is “Laura”:

What an idiotic article…and this guy’s getting a doctorate? It’s people with this frame of mind that bring this country down. America’s on its knees, it’s being overrun with illegals and morons like this professor or whoever he is are saying a unionization of N. America is “a great idea”???? Canada wants nothing to do with America for GOOD REASON! They don’t our illegals in THEIR country committing crime, raping our people and our system, lying about their abilities to speak english when we KNOW they can and REFUSE TO!

I’m SAD people like this website owner exist. It’s apparently he has way too many brains and no balls whatsoever.

Well, I’m as much of a professor as Barack Obama, but I did appreciate the compliment. Thanks, Laura!

5 thoughts on “Now that’s a compliment!”

  1. Big cities in Canada now have American-style crime and immigrant issues. Many Canadians are unhappy about this. Be patient Laura, there is plenty of immigrant crime in Canada, as a Google search will show. I have a lot of family in Toronto, good socialists all, and even they are beginning to be appalled by what’s happening in their city. But Laura is right. Canada would be dragged down by a union with US and Mexico.

  2. Now that is what I call a well thought out response. She(or he, you never know), represented themselves with the up most dignity and intellect.

    Oh the “lulz” of trolling.

  3. Jay,

    Laura’s polite and well-written comment was in reference to the post, “Towards the Unification of North America.”

    Mystery Meat,

    As a capital-rich, labor-poor country, Canada (at least Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime Provicnes) has little to offer North America. Hence more recent posts focus on extending the Constitution south to the United Mexican States [2].


    Interesting. Curzon had a similar post. [3]


    Haha! 🙂


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