What has Sean been up to?

Sean, the mind behind Interact the editor behind Thomas P.M. Barnett :: Weblog, has another side: check out this from Aviation Week:

Ares Homepage
One of the best parts of my visit here to Farnborough has been the F-22 demonstration flight on Monday, the first time the F-22 has flown in such a venue in Europe.

There was commentary over the speakers in the grand stand, but I was watching from the Aviation Week/Show News chalet, so it was pretty hard to hear the.

We’ve got the commentary hooked up, though, in our best AvWeek video yet. Sure, we’ve got the maneuvers, but you can see those on YouTube. More importantly, we’ve got commentary by Alan Norman, Chief Experimental Test Pilot for Lockheed Martin.

This video is pretty cool, too:

Now for the Sysadmin Industrial Complex to get press this good!

2 thoughts on “What has Sean been up to?”

  1. lol. are you insinuating i’m a shill for the Leviathan? 😉

    my favorite line these days: i’m not a journalist, but i play one on the internet.

    thanks for the link, Daniel-san!

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