Obama’s Awful International Trip (?)

I take some pride in being one of the few commentators to note at the time how disastrous Obama’s awful speech on race would become.  It was clear to me at the time that the bad effects of the speech would hurt Obama in the primaries, and possibly the general election.  The speech was especially damaging considering how March began with the perfect opportunity for Obama to codemn affirmative-action… and opportunity he spit in the face.  Dean Barrett suggests Obama’s recent trip abroad may cause similar damage:

The Weekly Standard
The Rasmussen tracking poll also suggests that the long term impact of the Talking Tour will harm Obama. An initial bump from the trip that swelled Obama’s lead to eight points at the end of last week has vanished. Today, the lead has shrunk to one.

What’s especially problematic for Obama is there’s no obvious way for him to undo the damage of his Talking Tour. If he suddenly decides that he should value David Petraeus’ opinion rather than publicly minimize it, his insincerity will be transparent. And it’s impossible for him to unring the bell of talking 40 minutes of One World gibberish to a bunch of swooning Germans.

Obama may have lost another opportunity.  In March, Obama had the opportunity to distance himsefl from race-based politics.  Instead, he embraced it  And in July, Obama had the opportunity to support General Petreaus.  Instead, he spoke proudly of arguing with him – of holding “animated discussion” with the man who oversaw MNF-Iraq during the Surge, the Anbar Awakening, and what may be the triumphant moments of the Iraq War.

3 thoughts on “Obama’s Awful International Trip (?)”

  1. Good points.

    I am mostly troubled not so much about his flipflopping on Iraq (although that does display an utter lack of geopolitical insight), but rather the gibberish about being a “Citizen Of The World.”

    Being a Citizen Of The World effectively means being a Citizen Of Everywhere. But one cannot be a citizen everywhere, unless you water down the duties and obligations of citizenship to irrelevence. Consequently, being a Citizen of Everywhere is analogous to being a Citizen of Nowhere. And if you’re a Citzen of Nowhere, you’re expressing a surprisingly lack of connection to your real fellow citizens.

    I do not want a President of Everywhere. I want a POTUS.

    How am I to trust the words of a Commander in Chief who is disconnected from the people and land from where he comes?

  2. I don’t know that I agree with the love bird–wanting to do more for humanity as a whole isn’t a bad thing. That said, he does suggest valid questions for Obama: In what areas of policy and action will you put the US first? and What can you do for the rest of the world beyond those areas.

  3. Smitten,

    Obama’s repeating nonsense he heard in college, that goes back at least to Kant.

    I wonder if he knows that?


    Excellent questions. I doubt Obama will answer them in a way that closes any options.

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