Having recently survived a seminar on Discourse Analysis, I say “hear hear!”

Gene Expression: Richard Dawkins – Islamophobe?
The trend is obvious: the Islamic world-view seems well suited toward acceptance of Creationism as an alternative model toward evolutionary theory. Fact: Richard Dawkins will have to accept that multiculturalism entails respect of Difference and the Different Ways of Knowing of the Other. The Enlightenment Project (EP) which marries scientism with atheism is not cultural-fair; rather, it serves as an appropriate corrective to the over-rationalism of Western Roman Catholic Christianity. On the other hand, the EP is not an appropriate lens to apply to a non-Western culture, which has developed along its own evolutionary path which brings it to a different set of values. An alternative tint to the mirror through which humanity views the world darkly if you will. Whatever corrective there may be to non-Western dogma and rigidity, the assertions of Dead White Men and their contemporary Amen Choir are not appropriate cures!

Shouldn’t we all have been born speaking upper-class British accents?