Sticking with Win XP

My new harddrive came today, which along with memory was a very cheap alternative to a new laptop.  I’m going to skip a generation, sticking with Windows XP until Windows 7 comes out.

One of the advantages of having free harddrive space again is being able to load my back the many songs I have by single artists (such as Muslimgauze and Saw Doctors).

Being able to jam to hours of Muslimgauze again is joyous. A truly happy experience.  You haven’t lived until you’ve heard Zakat Zakat, You Have Limbs and Baksheesh, North Afrika Is Not So Far Away, Kabul is Free Under a Veil, or the droning voice of Hindu Kush Opium Crop:

We have policies about Saddam Hussein
Kill him
Kill him desperately

A descent soundtrack to anything that Ahmed Rashid‘s ever written.

How I Solved: Clear Paper Path error on Sharp AR-M162 Multifunction Printer/Scanner/Copier

Today I called out Better Business Equipment (BBE) of Omaha, Nebraska. My problem was that my Sharp AR-M162 printer could print out one page, exactly, before jamming (if there was a 2nd page coming) and then issuing a “Clear Paper Path” error. The display indicates the error is from the side panel. However, unless the 2nd page was stuck when the Clear Paper Path error came up, no paper is stuck there.

The Sharp AR-M162
The Sharp AR-M162

I had worried that either there was a small piece of paper stuck somewhere deep in the mechanism, or else that a part was failing. I had gone through all the directions available online, such as the fixya forum. I had even unscrewed another panel, blown compressed air everywhere sensible, and so on. Still the problem remained. I could clear the error by opening and closing the right side panel, but as soon as another page printed, the same error would occur.

Fortunately, the technician was the sort of man who should fulfill that role. He was helpful, friendly, informative, and very competent. The used his experience with the copier to rapidly diagnose the problem, fix it, and test it.

When the “Clear Paper Path” error reliably comes up on the Sharm ARM162 after one page has printed, the problem is most commonly with a small plastic arm insdie the right side panel. The plastic arm may become dislodged during a paper jam, during moving, or oher jostling. The solution is to gently force the small plastic arm in place. The reason this causes the error is that the very right end of the plastic arm tells a sensor the previous page printed OK. If the arm is bent or partially dislodged, the arm’s end is not where it is expected to be, and so the “Clear Paper Path” error is flagged. Opening and closing the right side door temporarily fixes the error because the motion of the side door opening and closing will often (about 50% of the time) temporarily move the arm’s end into place.

Of course, no one is ever happy about having tech support come out (or receiving the bill!). Still, I am happy no new part is needed, and that the problem is anything I “missed.” The problem was an unknown unknown, something I did not know what wrong that I was not even looking for. I now know more about my printer, and (thanks to BBE’s great technician) will be able to solve a similar problem in the future.

Arrested in Tiananmen, Deported from the Birdsnest, Possibly Paralyzed in San Francisco, Islamists plotting Terrorism

American Christians were arrested in Tiananmen Square for protesting against forced abortion and the persecution of the church. They were held and later released.

British protesters were arrested and deported for flying a ““One World, One Dream, Free Tibet” banner from near the Nation Stadium (the Birdnest).

An attempted invasion of the Chinese consulate in San Francisco ended with an American woman possibly paralyzed.

The next terrorist attack in China will be from these guys.

Update: The Turkestan Islamic Party, in their own words: