Peace with Iran!

Iran’s ties with American allies continue to expand.  Iran, whose conventional forces have consistently recognized international borders (unlike Russia) can be a pillar of the peace in the Middle East. It is useful in Afghanistan and Iraq, and potentially useful in the Caucuses and Central Asia.

War with Iran at this point benefits only Iraqi insurgents, the Taliban, and Russia.  Peace with Iran benefits the global Peace, and helps us with many other objectives.

Iranian president has said that Tehran is ready to increase its trade exchanges with Turkey to $20 billion within the next four years.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad expressed hope that Iran and Turkey will expand their relations in energy and transportation areas.

“We consider progress and security of Turkey like our own and we know that Turkey will also be happy with Iran’s development,” Ahmadinejad told Turkish President Abdullah Gul in Istanbul on Thursday.

“Cooperation between Iran and Turkey within the framework of the Group of Eight Developing Islamic Countries (D-8) and the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) paves the way for enhancement of bilateral ties,” he said.

President Gul, for his part, said President Ahmadinejad’s visit to Turkey has opened a new chapter in ties.

Press TV – Iran eyes $20bn trade with Turkey.

Those alergic to this may consider simply giving suitcase nukes to Saakashvelli’s special forces, along with the governments of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Mongolia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and other states that Russia may conceivable threaten.

I support the more peaceful method of embracing Iran.

Fighting Tehran simply is not a priority.