Another EU Member State Recognizes Kosovo

Russia’s invasion of Georgia was in response to Europe’s recognition of Kosovo. Kosovo was used to part to Serbia, a Russian client in the middle of Europe. Thus, it is heartening that recognition by Kosovo by European countries — which had been stalled since the Czech Republic’s recognition of Kosovo in May — is on the move again.

B92 – News – Politics – Malta recognizes Kosovo
PRIÅ TINA — The Kosovo foreign ministry says it has received official information that Malta has recognized its unilateral independence declaration.

“The Kosovo foreign ministry has just received official information that the Republic of Malta has recognized Kosovo as an independent and sovereign country,” read a statement.

It added that the Maltese foreign ministry’s declaration of recognition had been submitted to Skender Hyseni, the man appointed by the Kosovo provincial authorities as its foreign policy chief.

Most European Union member states (21 out of 27) now recognize Kosovo.

Those who wish to slow down this process effectively want to encourage Russia’s acts of war. Those who believe that interstate war is not a legitimate tool of diplomacy must work to increase Kosovo’s recognition around the world, and its eventual accession to the European Union.

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