The SCO and Russia

I noted last week that Russia’s invasion of Georgia was partially aimed at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (the security alliance including China and China’s energy providers — the former soviet states of central Asia including Russia, Kazakhstan, and so on):

Russia’s actions hurt the things that would have supported Russia as a new core state. By violently attacking neighbors, Moscow is violently asserting hegemony in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which is properly a way of China to organize her resource suppliers (including Russia). By attacking a reforming neighbor, Russia is helping to make her own government more obscure. By attacking sources of investment, Russia is helping to disconnect her own economy from the world.

Those who never read this blog may not have caught the Russia-SCO subtext. AFP clearly is in the list, as their particularly ignorance piece demonstrates.

Better analysis is available from Chirol and Tom, who both note China and the SCO are in no mood to play Russia’s expansionist game.

2 thoughts on “The SCO and Russia”

  1. I guess Russia didn’t get the memo from China that the SCO was to keep them in line (among other things). Well, NOW, they’ve gotten the memo. If Russia has a problem with it, I guess they can complain when they get a billion people and and bigger economy.

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