Obama’s Speech II

I already mentioned that Barack Obama’s acceptance speech was rhetorically brilliant but deeply dishonest.  One example of this dishonesty: Obama’s view on the ‘critical’ Afghan War.

A minor point, there – victory. It’s not a word that resonates with Democrats except at the ballot box.

Obama pledged to “finish the fight against al-Qaida and the Taliban,” forgetting it was President Bush who took the fight to the enemy with Obama in opposition. The fight in Afghanistan isn’t over. But Obama failed to explain why, as chairman of a subcommittee having jurisdiction, he held not a single hearing on a theater of operations he now deems critical.

Someone else will have to take the risks for him, he’s got an election to win.

What the Heck Was I Thinking!?: Investor’s Business Daily Fisks Obama’s Speech.

Don’t worry if you’re confused — liberals will soon oppose the Afghan War anyway.

Another example of the dishonesty were Obama’s weird comments about being his brother’s keeper, when Barack’s brother lives in a hut.  I understand why Obama might cut his extended family off.  That’s part of the American experiecen even: breaking free of clan, abandoning traditions, and embracing freedom.

But for Obama to support big government policies by emphasizing the need for that sort of old-world community, only to ignore it (with very concrete negative effects for one’s own brother!): that’s deception.

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