China – Georgia

Good news on China’s latest symbolic rebuff to Russia: using its position at the Asian Development Bank to offer money to Georgia, to rebuild in the wake of Russia’s aggression:

Russia’s military success against Georgia is having repercussions that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his stand-in president, Dmitri Medvedev, surely do not welcome. Simply put, Putin has alienated China and other countries that share his interest in countering U.S. power.

The Asian Development Bank, in which China plays a leading role, has extended a $40 million loan at the lowest possible rate to Georgia. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization – which includes China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan as well as Russia – refused to countenance Russia’s recognition of two breakaway regions of Georgia. The rebuff of Putin is all the more striking because – at least from Putin’s perspective – the central purpose of this group was to form an eastern counterweight to NATO.

Asian displeasure at Russia’s move on Georgia – International Herald Tribune.

China is in the New Core of world economy, and is vital to any peace.

Georgia is a Seam State, which should be integrated into the Core.

Russia is in the Gap.  It is a threat to the world economy, attempts to disrupt the Seam’s journey into the Core, and possess an existential threat to the New Core.

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