The Financial Crisis, or, The Power of Nightmares

With a word-change here and there, and of course different visuals, BBC’s The Power of Nightmares works remarkably well for the current Financial Crisis.

Of course, a nightmare can manifest itself in reality. It is possible that the cries of Wall Street of Money, the cries of the Administration for Trust, and the cries of Congress for Power are well founded and not just a reflection of their perpetual desire for money, trust, and power.

We’re not given logical arguments for why such a thing might be true, other than vague arm waving, secret documents we can’t access, and the deeply held beliefs of truly incompetent people. Then again, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

6 thoughts on “The Financial Crisis, or, The Power of Nightmares”

  1. A brilliant analogy!

    The Patrioc Act was largely written before 9/11, with the attacks against America used to push it through. Indeed, this is typical for how ‘policy entrepreneurs’ typically operate.

    So how long has this bailout been under consideration? And by whom?

  2. I’ve often hypothesized this myself. With the Patriot Act, it seems as if the elites realized that globalization and demographic transition would increase the possibility of instability, and most important to them; the change of being removed from power. To combat these possibilities, the Patriot act had to be implemented to keep the population in check. They just needed a terrorist incident to make it happen. They probably figured that some kind of attack was eventually going to happen, and when it did, they would have the opportunity to slip the PA in.

    There are also two other laws that will need to be implemented. The first is “hate speech” laws. The elites realize that multi ethnic states are generally very unstable. At the same time, they have to champion multiculturalism for rhetorical and structural reasons. Because of this, “hate speech” laws need to be implemented to keep people from spreading information regarding their multi ethnic experiences, and more importantly, to keep European Americans from forming advocacy groups. Just like the Patriot act, “hate speech” laws will be passed after a media hyped white on non-white violent incident.

    The other major policy change will be Internet freedom. The Internet is much too dangerous for the elites becuase as TDAXP proves, you don’t have to own a media network to inform the public. These anti-Internet laws will be passed after a major terrorist act, or criminal act where the Internet was used in its operation.

    Both of these new policies, just like the Patriot act and potential financial bailout bill, will be passed to “keep the country safe.” And it will be very much repeated that failure to pass these new laws will end up causing a new Holocaust or 9-11.

    You have to remember that the global elite wish for nothing but global power. This doesn’t mean that we can’t live good lives, it just means that we shouldn’t step out line. In fact, our best bet would be to make ourselves useful for the global elite. The global elite need people to carry out the agenda and to keep the machine running. My advice to everyone is to make yourselve’s into a part of the machine that is irreplaceable.

  3. “Money, Trust, and Power”… sounds like it could be a dark-parody of the Trinity.

    Hmm…if there’s a new college fraternity in need of an original name, well, all they’d have to do is translate them into Greek, and take the initials…

    Suppose it can’t be worse than, say, “Institution, Revolution, and Party” (which P.J. Or’Rourke, writing once about Mexico’s then-ruling party, declared to be a “veritable list of disgusting things”).

  4. Seerov,

    The cause of freedom is the blinding of our enemies.

    We rejoice when as the ability of high-ranking politicians decreases, because we know that only an able leadership is able to execute Planning.

    More clumsy and less careful than their forebearers, they generate friction, that deforms the very structure they build.


    A Devil’s 1 Corinthians 13:13? [1]

    “And now these three remain, money, trust and power. But the greatest of these is power.”


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