The Office of the President-Elect, which no one has ever heard of before, has a new website:

This is a good sign. Hopefully the transition from the Bush and Obama Administration goes well. The creation of the Office of the President-Elect and creation of the .gov domain name for it, imply that both the Bush and Obama teams are working hard to transition from one set of political appointees to another, but also demonstrate regime continuity to other countries, as well.

I read this story at Ars Technica, which also linked to the General Accountability Office’s Transition 2009 site.

Miscegenation in American Politics

I had previously known that Vice President Curtis as American Indian, in the sense that Barack Obama is black (both being racially admixed). I had not realized that Vice President Johnson (the least famous one) openly lived with an octoroon who acted both as his common law wife and business manager.

Barack Obama less represents a “post-racial America” than an America waking up from a weird historical period where race was considered a central organizational principle. Race was not so privileged during the Revolution — the bill of rights is clearly a set of laws for the monied and/or landed — and is not so now.

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