Historical Markers

While the Cross-Straight Times has an excellent integrative post on piracy, Communist-KMT ties, and the democratic movement , the New York Times presents this vignette of the past, and the future:


China’s Navy to Join Pirate Patrols – NYTimes.com
Commander Xie Zengling, chief of the special forces unit, told Xinhua that he expects to have firefights with pirates. He noted that one Chinese special forces soldier could handle several enemies with his bare hands.

China has not sent warships out of its region since the 15th century, under the Chinese Muslim admiral Zheng He.

China’s integration with the world is happening as fast as Russia’s decoupling. Since the coup against “Russia’s Deng Xiaoping” that saw Vladimir Putin rise to power, Russia’s economic, diplomatic, and human capital positions have eroded substantially.

Indeed, Russia’s position is so bad that recently a prominent Russian apologist with a blog compared Russia’s invasion of Georgia to 9/11 — and concluded that because the world did not punish Saudi Arabia, it should not punish Russia! (I could not decide whether to respond by saying that earlier supporters of Russia called such comparisons hysterical, or that punishment is besides the point, or that I did not believe that a murderous cell of anti-Kremlin zealots were behind the invasion of Georgia… so I decided that there was no serious response to make, anyway.)

To conclude this post, I want to point readers to two others: “Deep Throat’s coup d’etat and “The Deep Throat Dilemma.” Both posts focus on the extralegal maneuvers the FBI took to get rid of President Nixon. But in a broader perspective, both posts discuss the historical markers laid down by President Nixon.

The greatest of these was the opening of China, that set the stage for decades of friendship and, increasingly, economic interdependence and strategic alliance. The rise of Chins is as epochal as the decline of Russia.

And the world will be better for it.

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  1. TDAXP, just wondering–by any chance, does the blog of this Russian apologist happen to feature, on one of its margin, a photo of a certain predatory bird associated with wisdom?

    Just wondering, is all….

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