No More Saudi Arabia of Oil Consumption?

America is the United States of oil consumption. Just as oil revenues my legitimate governments in much of the gap of the global economy end up supporting terrorism, oil expenditures by the United States has the effect of powering the Taliban, fueling Putin’s armies, and financing Chavez’s destabilizing schemes in Venezuela.

One way to create a better future is a gas tax.

Hybrid Cars: Gas tax gaining momentum, or at least air
A gas tax is an idea that has been floated around this blog many times over the last few years. My gas tax – really an oil tax – was always a way to help fund credits for more fuel efficient vehicles. Likewise, the tax helps drive investment in non-oil fuels and technologies, while also changing consumer behavior.

Lately, the drumbeat behind a new gas tax has been increasing. MotorTrend, the LATimes, and the New York Times, for instance, have each covered the idea in the last few days.

There are other ways of weakening oil producers and the wars, terrorists, and schemes they fund. We can plusing-up the Strategic Petroleum Reserve by simultaneously buying oil and moving to a flex-fuel fleet. We can create tax-breaks for hybrid cars and looking at biojetfuel.

President Bush should be praised for the advances in alternate fuel technologies that took place on his watch. Let’s hope Barack Obama will be even better for breaking the power of oil!

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