Patrick Fitzgerald

It is fitting that the latest news from the Department of Justice begins with the line, “In a remarkable screw-up.”

Pat Fitzgerald Boots One – January 7, 2009
In a remarkable screw-up, a Department of Justice official today accidentally distributed to the media a document containing the names of nearly 20 confidential witnesses interviewed during a federal probe targeting the operators of a fraudulent investment scheme.

The DOJ has been producing one screw-up after another. From losing the 9/11 emails (by forgetting to log into hotmail) to a painful pattern of mistakes in the prosecution of Sen. Steens (R-AK), it’s hard to imagine who could take the DOJ seriously.

Patrick Fitzgerald, the DOJ attorney at the center of this scandal, also is in charge of the botched prosecution of the Governor of Illinois. Fitzgerald’s performance in that case created a bizarre Senate + Ill. Secretary of State v. Ill. Gov + Congressional Black Caucus showdown. If Fitzgerald had waited to announce the case against Governor Blagojevich until he could indict him, the latest national disgrace may not have happened.

2 thoughts on “Patrick Fitzgerald”

  1. Fitzgerald is also the one who went after the VP’s CoS for leaking a name to press…and after finding it was others who did the leaking kept going after the guy while ignoring prosecution the actual leakers.

  2. Purpleslog,

    Well said.

    For all the “Merry Fitzmas” nonsense that Daily Kos occasionally emits, it seems that he’s an media-attention-focused celebrity, rather than a prosecutor focused on his job.

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