Provisional contributors list: “5GW: The Fifth Generation of War?”

The call for chapters came out one week ago. Already, the interest is overwhelming. So far, nine authors have stepped forward as provisional contributos for a new edited volume on ‘5GW,’ tentativel titled 5GW: The Fifth Generation of War?. So far, the contributos are all bloggers, or commenters at blog. Additioanlly, several are professional writers (Adam Elkus writes for Huffington Post, while David Axe penneed “How to win a ‘Fifth-generation’ war” for Wired.)

Academics are also included in the list. Samuel Liles is an associated professor at Purdue University Calumet, Francis Younghusband attended the Royal Military College of Canada, Mark Safranski is a trained historian, and others bring the formal thinking and skepticism that advanced training provides.

The list below is provisional. Names may yet be added or removed. However, I am thrilled with the reaction so far to the new edited volume on 5GW.

Are you interested in contributong to an edited volume at 5GW? If so, comment below, or email me at

As this volume is aimed at a very targed audience (military professionals, analysts, and researchers interested in the changing face of war), the primarily payoff will be helping spread your understanding of 5GW, helping others discover the concept and your understanding of it through and Google Book Search, as well as providing a literary citation for researchers and analysts who need one. Nonetheless, our publisher Nimble Books provides royalties, and all contributors will have to sign the Nimble Contributor Contract, per Nimble’s policy on edited volumes.

The tentative deadline for mansucripts is March 21. This will contributos enough time to finish up other projects, such as the Clausewitz Roundtable. I will try to release weekly updates on the project, as well as reminders for any who wish to contribute.

Good luck, and good writing!