Call for chapter titles: “5GW: The Fifth Generation of War?”

The call for chapters came out two weeks ago, and the provisional contributors list came out last week. So far, 13 contributors (including myself) have offered to contribute a chapter to an edited volume, tentatively titled 5GW: The Fifth Generation of War?. I want to again thank those who have expressed an interest:

This is a call for all authors interested in contributing to submit a tentative title for their chapter in the book. This title may change. In order to keep this project on track, however, I am requesting that all contributors submit a short-chapter to guide their thoughts and to allow the release of a tentativle table of contents. Please leave your tentative titles as a comment to this post, or email them to

As editor, I will go first. My chapter in the volume will be titled “5GW: The Fifth Gradient of War.”