Happy Niu Year!

Give James Fallows thanks — or blame — for that pun.

Celebrated Chinese New Year at HyVee, eating a delicious buffet (complete with “Beijing chicken”) after a misadventurous attempt to eat elsewhere.

If you are in the mood for watching some English-language Chinese Communist propaganda, check out The Children of Huang Shi. We did — to our regret. It’s not an awful movie, but as all the tropes one would expect

  • The Communists are romantic, adventurous daring, wise, kind, and patriotic
  • The KMT means well, but it’s bumbling and self-serving
  • The landlords are thoughtlessly cruel
  • The peasants are pure, but in need of strong leadership

etc. etc. etc.

Too bad, as the Chinese adventures of George Hogg are rather unusual.