Call for introductory paragraphs: “5GW: The Fifth Generation of War?”

The call for chapters came out three weeks ago, the provisional contributors was announced two weeks ago, and a request for chapter titles came out last week.

The response has been overwhelming.

5GW: The Fifth Generation of War? will be an edited volume of perspectives on “5GW,” one of the most controversial subjects in defense and security studies. 5GW: The Fifth Generation of War? will be published by Nimble Books, which is currently overseeing the release of the “Age of Obama” series of works associated with the inauguration of our 44th President. 5GW: The Fifth Generation of War? should be on sale by June.

The provisional contributor list, along with provisional titles, is as follows:

  • Aherring: Why do we need 5GW?
  • David Axe: 5GW in Africa
  • Adam Elkus: Killing 5GW in Order to Save It: Reinterpreting 5GW Theory
  • Joseph Fouche: Is 5GW the End of the Rainbow?
  • Brent Grace: Reshaping the Battlspace: Using 5GW to Combat Urban Gangs
  • Lexington Green: 5GW: A Value-Destroying Formulation of Contemporary and Future Problems
  • Jay, of Soob
  • Samuel Liles: Cyber warfare to cyber terrain
  • Dan McIntosh: Transhumanist Politics and 5GW / How does 5GW differ from normal politics?
  • Stephen Pampinella: 5GW and Social Constructivism: Contemporary War as Identity Manipulation
  • Purpleslog: Patterns of 5GW
  • Mark Safranski, of Zenpundit
  • Seerov: Spatial Considerations of 5GW
  • Joe Sherrer: Generalizing Generational Warfare
  • Francis Younghusband, of Coming Anarchy

As editor, I am now calling on all those interested in writing a chapter for the edited volume, 5GW: The Fifth Generation of War, to submit a first or introductory paragraph. This one-paragraph-long introduction is provisional. It should serve to organize thoughts, and provide a dramatic or logical (or both) preview for the full chapter.

Here is the first paragraph for my chapter, “5GW: The Fifth Gradient of War”:

We control and improve war. We do this by making war more psychological, burrowing into your enemy’s mind and depriving him of a foe he can see. We do this by making more war peaceful, moving from killing tens of thousands in battle to one or two in war. We do this by defining what we mean by ‘enemy,’ no longer ‘he who wishes us harm’ but ‘he who does not care that we exist.’ We do this by fighting for our enemy, so that he can live, he can rule, he can fight, and he can believe in terms that he does not realize have been dictated by us.

Please post your first paragraphs below as a comment, or else email them to me, at