Important Things with Demetri Martin

After watching two awful movies this weekend (which I will discuss tomorrow), it was wonderful to stumble upon Important Things with Demetri Martin. It’s great sketch-comedy. Here are three sketches which give something of the flavor of the show

7 thoughts on “Important Things with Demetri Martin”

  1. I tolerated the first few seasons of Futurama (largely after being psyched up by a Wired preview of the show), when I had hope the series was going somewhere.

    It wasn’t, so I stopped.

    But we agree that Demetri is hilarious. 🙂

    The other cartoons I enjoy watching on television are Family Guy and South Park.

  2. SP and FG are good but i don’t watch them as they are too adult-themed for my son. futurama is sometimes too but ican’t give up the star trek references. i asked because dimitri comes on after fridays futurama. i let my son watch it too, tho it can be adult, because it’s just too smart and funny.

  3. Ah, gotcha on Futurama. Yeah, most of my good memories of that show are watching it with friends.:-)

    Demetri is hilarious. He physically resembles a good friend of mine, and has a very clever type of humor. I wish his show the best! 🙂

  4. I liked the Futurama series,but the direct-to-dvd stuff has been lacking the unexpected-LOL spark that SP and FG still have. Plus, anytime I see or hear Al Gore on something I am instantly annoyed…Futureama has too much Gore.

  5. ps, you’re right about the futurama movies being lackluster. how many total are coming out? i’ve seen two. groening falls flat when he gets too anti-christian, anti-right.

    i just saw the demetri martin episode with franklin, shakespeare, and gallileo in the TGIFs — friggin hilarious!

  6. The same charmless political bias helped ruin The Simpsons, changing it from a hip- and universally loved TV show into a place to parrot whatever pious liberalism was on that week.

    South Park and Family Guy both have strong political perspectives, but are able to use mirth and humor to make that part of the total package. Groening’s political works are just boring.

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