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The most recent edition of The Economist has, as its cover, the view from Beijing:


Which reminded of me the famous New Yorker‘s view from 9th avenue:


In the Beijinger map, you can clearly make out the Birdnest Stadium, the Imperial Palace, Beihai and Houhai (where Zhonghai and Nanhai should be), Tiananmen Square, Mao’s mauseleum, the Temple of Heaven, the Beijing Railway station and and its track to the south-east. More detail is available from Strange Maps.

4 thoughts on “The View From…”

  1. Stephen,


    The perspective in the Economist article is change. The front-to-back ordering — Bird’s Nest, then Houhai, then Forbidden City, then Railway Station / Temple of Heaven suggest a north-south twist (though even then the Railway station and T.O.E. are reversed) – even the track curves away to the “south” just as in reality. However, Chang’an goes east-west, and the view out of the city if clearly looking east. A clever cover.

  2. I take it the Economist disagrees with Parag Khanna’s notion that Europe and China will be the heavyweight rivals of the 21st century? 😛

  3. Michael,

    Not sure, but I would imagine so.

    Political dishonesty in Europe, as well as the slow-growth regulation frameworks of France and Germany, are less in keeping both with economic power — and the Economist‘s motto of free markets and free minds — than the more competitive systems of the United States and China.

    The cover story discusses Clinton’s attempt to build a “G2” — Group of China and America — ahead of the G20 meet.

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