Further Toward Chinese-Taiwanese Military Cooperation

Early this month I mentioned that Taiwan and China are creating a body to coordinate military cooperation between the Republic’s Republic of China and the Republic of China (Taiwan). More good signs comes in news that the People’s Liberation Army and the Army of the Republic of China (Taiwan) will meet in Hawaii.


From the article:

Senior Chinese and Taiwanese military officers will meet for the first time since the end of a civil war in 1949 at a forum in Hawaii this summer, state media said on Tuesday, in a further sign of improving ties between the political rivals.

Officials from both sides will attend August’s Transnational Security Cooperation forum organized by the U.S. Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, an institute under the U.S. Department of Defense, the official China Daily said.


A skeptical interpretation of this is available from The View from Taiwan. This is bad news for both the Taiwanese independence movement and politicans on both sides of the Pacific whose careers depend on purchasing for a major war in the Taiwan Straight. However, this is a major forward to lasting peace in the Western Pacific, and also for the United States. China and the United States are the two most critical nations in the world today, and moves like these, by making conflict less likely, make cooperation more likely.


Hawaii, besides being the headquarter of U.S. Pacific Command, is also pronounced birthplace of Chinese President Sun Yatsen and American President Barack Obama.

Update: The View from Taiwan links to a DefenseLink clarification. This is the first meeting of the Transnational Security Cooperation Course provided by the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS) attended by both Taiwan and China. In previous years, they have alternated attendance.

2 thoughts on “Further Toward Chinese-Taiwanese Military Cooperation”

  1. This IS good news. It’s a step toward avoiding a war in the straights, it also still keeps the US with in the Pacific power structure. It’s kind of amazing that such a meeting should take place in Hawaii.
    I don’t think it will completely end the budgeting toward military systems in the Pacific theater, but it will at least allow the US to concentrate on the more yeoman work like items like subs and smaller surface fleet vessels instead of high-profile fighter aircraft.
    In related news, China has let us know through back channels that they are working on/have developed a carrier denial weapon. [1]

    PS – bonus point – the island of Formosa is almost certainly the ancestral homeland of Pacific Islanders such of the Moari, Tongans, Samoans, and Hawaiians. Some now speculate that it is the Gran Hawaii of their folklore.


  2. ElamBend,

    I agree with everything you say.

    While the path will be different, out goal in the Asia-Pacific region should be similar to our goal for Europe: created a stable, united, liberal zone that is politically independent but nonetheless deeply compatible with US security services.

    It is very good news.

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