More protectionism from the government

In yet another move seemingly designed to harm free trade, alienate us from our trading partners, and hurt the global economy, the government front corporation of Sallie Mae is firing foreigners are making those jobs “American”:

Sallie Mae to shift 2,000 jobs to U.S. from overseas | Reuters
NEW YORK Reuters – Student loan company Sallie Mae plans to move its overseas operations back to the United States, creating 2,000 domestic jobs, in what analysts called an attempt to curry favor with the Obama administration.

SLM Corp, as the company is legally known, said on Monday it plans to add staff over the next 18 months in call centers, information technology and operations support across the United States. A spokeswoman said the company will pull jobs from India, Mexico and the Philippines.

Stabbing our trading partners in the back harms the ability of countries to work together, because every other country will naturally assume that America would rather have a bigger slice of a smaller pie tomorrow, than help grow the global economy for everyone.

If the world’s economy goes from a recession into a depression, Obama’s “Buy American” policies will be to blame.