In China, where Obama is not President…

tdaxp’s note: I normally don’t write rhetorical posts, but on consideration I will publish this one anyway. Regardless of his original intentions or beliefs, Barack Obama has rapidly transitioned our society to an authoritarian/socialist model. This has real consequences, even if some parts of the socialist agenda are accidentally initiated by others.

Computer literacy makes you a threat in the eyes of the American police. Using proxies (such as for partialing out different content on different internet service providers) and Linux (” a black screen with white font which he uses prompt commands on”) can be used to increase sentences and seize property. Fortunately, this is only true in the United Staets. In China, where Obama is not President, I regularly use both proxies and linux.

Being an employee of a trade syndicate helps you get a good position in the American government. Obama now has 5 RIAA lawyers working for him. Fortunately, this is only true in the United States. In China, where Obama is not President, lawyers who attempt to sue grandmothers often find themselves outed by protests and internet activism.

In the United States, Barack Obama continues to subsidize foreign oil and natural gas. In China, where Obama is not President, the gas price discourages purchases from unstable third-world country and incentivizes produces to look to alternate energy.

In the United States, more than half a million people lost their jobs. In China, where Obama is not President, the economy grew 6.1%. Part of the reason is that Chinese President Hu JIntao, unlike American President Barack Obama, is not persuing socialist policies. In China, car companies and banks are expected to make money, and not merely function as arms of the Departments of Health and Human Services and Treasury.

Fortunately, our Presidency is not entirely terrible. In some areas, Barack Obama is taking leadership from China. High-speed rail. Glad that he is taking some cues from the People’s Republic.

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  1. Because the claimed 6.1% growth rate is a significant reduction from the double digits of prior years, the Chinese have probably lost a significant number of jobs – whether they admit it or not. The Chinese manufacture goods and sell them. In most of the world, far fewer people are buying them. They can only stack them up in piles for so long.

  2. Export is just one slice, here is tremendous amount of demand for internal market too. The confidence of consumer was never been low, it’s always demand for supermarket and malls even during this period of time. Because the diversified market of China, it is time for a lot of manufactures switch their product line from external to internal.

  3. ‘High Speed’ rail sounds good… until you start to look at the actual speeds they are proposing and the stops along the way. Sure you could take a ‘high speed’ rail trip between say… Minneapolis and Chicago and get there 6-7 hours later… or you could also drive yourself in 6:45, spend $100 each way and fly in an hour, or even use some of the available ‘low speed’ rail (aka Amtrak) and get there in 8 hours.

    The time savings aren’t much of a savings when compared to the costs given the available alternatives.

  4. I hope I don’t get you wong, but it really sounds to me that you prefer Chinese economy under the guide of CCP and her children. Ok, let’s make a deal. you come to China and I go to your country. You will feel the real China.
    American Capitalism is unjust but Chinese captitalism is demonic because people suffer and unequality and corruption remain and increase.

  5. sonofsamphm1c & Fei both provide accurate pictures of China’s economy. China is currently emphasizing domestic production to raise the living standards of some Chinese and keep others employed. Hopefully, one outcome of this crisis is that Chinese living standards and the American savings rate will both go up.

    Brendan obviously has a better impression of flying than I do! Train travel, especially when combined with electrical outlets and wifi, allow workers to be productive while commuting, and (because one engine can pull many cars) generates economies of scale. We need to change the structure of American transportation to increase opportunities for rail. This is a long-term project.

    Allforlord notes the corrupt nature of the Chinese Communist Party. He is correct. A forum commented by China Smack illustrates the vastly different expectations of government from Chinese and Americans: [1]

    This ship’s captain definitely is not a corrupt official.

    Further, while the Chinese government takes serious the right of citizens to petition against local governments, local governments are equally serious about preventing locals from doing so. Hence there are many secret jails in Beijing, illegally run by county and provincial level officials.

    Economically, the Chinese Communist Party makes the most sense to the Republican Party, without either its Christian Conservative wing or its need to win elections.


  6. “Brendan obviously has a better impression of flying than I do” WTF man! Have you forgotten that when last I flew with a certain unnamed airline… I was actually hoping for a hijacking or something else that would have NOT been the direct fault of the airline in question?

    Don’t get me wrong… I HATE flying… however if flying can get me from point A to B faster than any alternative… I’ll suffer with that HATRED for a short time… rather than being cramped into an almost equally bad chair for even longer.

    Granted… it’s probably been… 15+ years since I last rode on a train, things *may* have changed in that time… though given the value of my time I see little reason to try again anytime soon.

  7. “Barack Obama has rapidly transitioned our society to an authoritarian/socialist model.” (tdaxp)

    While I’m not sure about the US truly moving towards socialism, the authoritarian part is starting to concern me. You can always tell what the establishment is thinking by watching how “the news” is being reported. Every time I turn of the TV or radio I hear the words “right wing,” “extremists,” “Internet,” “hate,” “first African American President,”white supremacists,” “taxes” “racist” etc.

    Today on NPR Jack Beady actually called the anti-tax tea party protesters “Tea Baggers” and made it clear in his very “objective” way that the “tea baggers” are somehow involved with “white supremacy.” When I heard this I started laughing so hard I almost drove my car off the road. Beady is representative of how the establishment despises the white working and middle classes in this country.

    So I think we know where this is headed. I predicted a long time ago on this blog that free speech would be in jeopardy as the US continues its demographic transition. The entity people call “the news” will continue to “report” every “incident” it can relating to the words I listed above (ie: hate).

    At the same time, they’ll ignore incidents like what occurred at the University of North Carolina recently. At UNC ex-Congressman Tom Tancredo was denied his free speech by “protesters” when he tried to give a speech against illegal immigration[1]. If this incident had been a Right Wing student group denying a “civil rights” leader the right to free speech it would have been international news and Jack Beady would be calling for blood.

    Everything and anything that can be twisted around to make working and middle class white people appear on the verge of forming the 4th Reich will be reported, while real left wing and/or racial minority actions will be covered up or minimized. The Internet will be demonized as a “hate-zone,” and anyone who rejects Obama’s policies will be labeled “racist” and “unwilling to change.” The schools will also become more intense in their anti-Western indoctrination programs.

    The media will work hard to create a persona that exemplifies “evil” in modern America. This persona will be set in a theatrical narrative that the media will create for our viewing pleasure. This persona of course is the evil working/middle class white man, and he will represent all the reasons why America can’t realize Dr. MLK’s dream. The media will create “heroes” who “stand up” to the “racist system” and encourage ignorant sociology students in America’s colleges to take up this role. Everything from the financial crisis, to lack of health care, to low test scores, to high rates of HIV in the African American community will appear to be caused by middle/working class white men.

    Americans will watch the great Obama battle these barbarians so that he can lead America to the promise land of “equality” (of course, no one will explain what ‘equality’ actually looks like). The large corporations who rely on the votes of the white working/middle classes will start conducting their advertisements in Spanish to show their support for a “diverse” America. The Catholic Church and Mega Evangelical churches will start a new campaign against “hate” and explain how “Jesus didn’t see borders.”

    This combined arms campaign will soften up the white working and middle classes enough so that “underrepresented minorities” can be distributed evenly through their communities and schools (meanwhile the neighborhoods and schools of the elites won’t be so lucky?). Kids will be encouraged to report any complaints or “racist” words said in the home. Obama, MLK, Rosa Parks, and Nancy Pelosi will replace the current Mt. Rushmore (the old Mt. Rushmore featured bigoted white men; who were evil).


  8. I did it again: sent you an article I originally got from one of your articles:P

    Brendan: I saw an article in a professional railroad journal a few months back on the Shinkansen. The slowest of the three speeds (it has three different speeds of train you can take depending on your needs and means) had about the same frequency of stops as the Northwest corridor, but was much faster due in part to the lack of competition from freight trains. That’s the kind of potential dedicated HS tracks have.

    It also noted that the competition from fast and reliable commuter rail forced the regional airlines to get their acts together.

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