8 thoughts on “Pleasently surprised by Ubuntu 8.10”

  1. Windows Vista is also a less awful experience than what it once was, not that the advance of technology has taken away MS’s need to lie about minimum system requirements.

  2. Heh, I hope so! 🙂

    I finally got the old USB installer working fine — the problem is that it would autoscan and automount the drive before attempting to change the boot sector, so that the USB drives were unbootable.

    Eventually I figured out what to do on terminal.

    Still, I am so grateful that Ubuntu works so great ‘off the stick,’ and that it helps me keep my old laptop alive!

  3. Portable Mac?!? [1] That’s just crazy! 🙂

    Ubuntu won’t let me make a startup USB in 9.04. From the log file:

    [13:27:54] [‘/usr/share/usb-creator/install.py’, ‘-s’, ‘/tmp/tmpQTJpny/.’, ‘-t’, ‘/media/disk-1’, ‘-p’, ‘3277684736’]
    Tried to symlink . -> /media/disk-1/ubuntu
    Tried to symlink jaunty -> /media/disk-1/dists/stable
    Tried to symlink jaunty -> /media/disk-1/dists/unstable
    [Errno 5] Input/output error

    [13:31:25] Unmounting source volume.
    [13:31:25] [‘umount’, ‘/tmp/tmpQTJpny’]
    [13:31:25] [‘rmdir’, ‘/tmp/tmpQTJpny’]
    [13:31:25] Install command exited with code: 256
    [13:31:25] Forcing shutdown of the install process.
    [13:31:25] Unmounting source volume.
    [13:31:25] [‘umount’, ‘/tmp/tmpQTJpny’]
    umount: /tmp/tmpQTJpny: not found
    [13:31:25] [‘rmdir’, ‘/tmp/tmpQTJpny’]
    rmdir: failed to remove `/tmp/tmpQTJpny’: No such file or directory
    [13:31:25] Install failed.

    [1] http://portableapps.com/apps/operating_systems/mac-on-stick

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