All the cool bloggers have home offices

Tom’s by far has the most envy-worthy, but Mark’s and Dave’s contributions are admirable as well.

Mine, I have to say, was slightly prepped. In particular, the micro-library was assembled from two different collections: a large gathering of three-ring binders (which are in the corner between the color printer/copier/scanner and the desk) and books (which are at the front bookshelf, out of the picture).


The micro-library:


5 thoughts on “All the cool bloggers have home offices”

  1. Many thanks. 🙂

    I like Shane’s [1] and HG’s [2] too.

    The computer on the right was previously my main computer, until a failure on the motherboard prevented it from booting from the harddrive. Because Ubuntu can boot off a USB, though Windows can’t, I installed 9.04 to the USB and will be taking that to my work office. (Where I will cannibalize the monitor from my worthless desktop there, and actually get some work done.)

    The comfy chair is courtesy of Catholicgauze.

    The second monitor may be the best computer investment I ever made.


  2. Glenn,

    Heh. I imagine there are more interesting things in this world, than me drinking coffee and typing while journal articles little the table! 🙂


    Well, where she browses the ‘net also has the HDTV, so… 😉

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