Book Progress

Those following me on twitter know that a draft of The Handbook of 5GW: A Fifth Generation of War? is currnetly being edited.  As soon as I get the last of the chapters emailed to me, I will circulate a “writer’s draft” so that contributors can read each other’s work, and put the final touches on their chapters.

Another book may also be coming out…  by Catholicgauze!  Here is part of the post announcing Popular Geography Manifesto:

Catholicgauze and a friend are currently contacting bloggers, graduate students, educators, and professors to see if they want to author chapters for the “Popular Geography Manifesto” (tentative title). The book is about how geography can be better integrated into education, daily life, hobbies, geopolitics, etc. Any profit made from publication would be given to various geography educational and/or world helping charities.

Already we have some important and well respected individuals who have signed up for the project. However, in the spirit of TDAXP we are issuing an open invitation to everyone; including to those who “only” have a passion for geography.

Read the rest over at Geographic Travles with Catholicgauze!